What are behind “Carlos Ghosn re-arrested” 21Deec2018

“Carlos Ghosn”、Nissan previous CEO re-arrested 21Deec2018.
What are behind this?

-Recently foreign media shows attitude/criticism to how Japanese treat Carlos Ghosn under Japanese law system.(But from Japanese point of view, that is natural among Japanese, about low level of treatment, such as 3 days shower in a week, etc. In Japan, rights of prisonous person are really restricted.)
-France have another problem about car industry, “Ford” case. France will want quick breakthrough about Nissan, Mitsubishi motors and Renault case.
-Japan (Japanese govenment?) shows take this case seriously and solitude from international trends, or be against foreign countries.
-Once Japan (Japanese govenment?) court decide him free at 20Dec, but not now.

Carlos Ghosn re-arrested on fresh allegations of misconduct, detention extended: report
Japan Times

”Trip.com” offer fake? reservation to tourists


Accommodation site Trip.com, “Comment” Some vacancies by some malicious dealers “Receipt receipt comment on ‘short for vacancy’ although it is full
“Some of the malicious sales people were doing” explains.
It was reported that overseas major accommodation site “Trip.com (Trippakcom)” sells “a vacant room that does not exist”, the company said “some malicious dealers were doing” We announced a comment.
Issued was an article of the travel-related media “Tricey” that Trip.com sells it by mistaking a hotel in an existing room as “there is only one room.” As a result, the trouble occurred when the user went to the hotel that was incorrect at the time of reservation, the hotel side noted that there was a possibility of being criticized as “the hotel canceled the schedule of winning” regarding the reservation not accepted.

Regarding such “short sale”, in the article of Tricey, since it is not refundable in advance, it is 100% fare if canceled by user’s convenience, it states that the whole amount enters Trip.com, room is prepared Even if I can not do it, I will repay it to the training camp on the site so it is described as “collector of Norwik that can accept cancellation fee with certain accuracy”.

Trip.com received a report saying, “We apologize for the considerable worry and inconvenience caused by customers who use this site, suppliers and everyone in the related parties. I am going to say “and apologize. The site purchases vacancies directly from accommodation facilities and sells it, as well as selling frames purchased from dealers who have empty rooms, some malicious dealers were selling empty I explained that it was discovered by an in-house survey.
On the other hand, for the news report that the cancellation fee will be generated 100%, we denied that if we can not secure the reservation or if the user waiting for the response cancels it before confirming the reservation we will refund the full amount.

We will continue to review and examine operational regulations and contract companies, and advance the development of precise mechanism at Trip.com. We will respond to users at a customer support center that can handle Japanese and plan to explain them directly to accommodation facility personnel at visits and briefing sessions.

Comments from Trip.com
We are deleting the rooms mistakenly indicated as “vacancy” including the distributor where the problem occurred this time, and we will take measures to stop permanent dealing by capping the vendor who continues malicious sales from time to time “Said the site.

About media coverage in some media
Thank you very much for your continued patronage and great appreciation.

As of this time, we posted rooms of inn, such as hotels and hotels etc. already vacant, as “vacancy” on reservation site “Trip.com” operated by our company in some media (hereinafter referred to as “reservation reception” “Empty sale”) was reported. Also, there was also stated that 100% of the cancellation fee will be generated even if the requested room is full and the request is canceled (hereinafter referred to as “cancellation fee upon request cancellation”). We sincerely apologize for the extraordinary worry and inconvenience caused by customers who use this website, suppliers, and everyone at the related parties.

In response to this report, as a result of in-house survey, it turned out that some “malicious sale” was caused by some malicious distributors. On the other hand, in regard to “Cancellation fee upon request cancellation”, the deposit from the customer at the time of reservation is as a deposit, if the reservation can not be secured or the customer waiting for the answer is canceled before the reservation is confirmed in full We have refunded, and the report is different from the facts. Since our company wishes to offer as many as possible more accommodation plans (rooms) to users as cheaper, we will purchase the vacancies directly from the accommodation facilities and sell them, as well as distributors who have empty rooms We are developing a platform-type business that sells frames purchased from. This business model is common in the OTA (online travel agency) industry.

We are currently conducting investigations on past occurrence status of similar cases, details of targeted dealers and so on. We have deleted the room which is mistakenly displayed as “vacancy” including the distributor where the problem occurred sequentially. We will caught from time to time as a vendor who continues to sell maliciously, and I am willing to take measures to stop permanent dealing. Also, in order not to use such as to give disadvantage to customers in the future, we review and examine the operation regulations and the contract company, and are developing the precise mechanism.

We will respond at customer support center where we can correspond to Japanese and we will explain directly to accommodation facility personnel at visit to target facility and briefing sessions etc. being done in each place.

We will continue to devote our efforts to improving our services so that you can use it with confidence in the future.


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