What are behind “Carlos Ghosn re-arrested” 21Deec2018

“Carlos Ghosn”、Nissan previous CEO re-arrested 21Deec2018.
What are behind this?

-Recently foreign media shows attitude/criticism to how Japanese treat Carlos Ghosn under Japanese law system.(But from Japanese point of view, that is natural among Japanese, about low level of treatment, such as 3 days shower in a week, etc. In Japan, rights of prisonous person are really restricted.)
-France have another problem about car industry, “Ford” case. France will want quick breakthrough about Nissan, Mitsubishi motors and Renault case.
-Japan (Japanese govenment?) shows take this case seriously and solitude from international trends, or be against foreign countries.
-Once Japan (Japanese govenment?) court decide him free at 20Dec, but not now.

Carlos Ghosn re-arrested on fresh allegations of misconduct, detention extended: report
Japan Times